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The thumb sign in epiglottitis is a manifestation of an edematous and enlarged epiglottis which is seen on lateral soft-tissue radiograph of the neck, and it suggests a diagnosis of acute infectious epiglottitis. thumb sign (Marfan disease) (also known as Steinberg sign) 4: a.

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In radiology, the thumbprint sign, or thumbprinting, is a radiologic sign found on a lateral C-spine radiograph that suggests the diagnosis of epiglottitis. The sign.

(A and B) Swollen epiglottis, termed as 'thumb sign' (A and B; arrow), and narrowed vallecula (A and B; arrow head), are consistent with acute.

Characteristic thumb sign in epiglottitis. B.N.Chander*1, T. Satish Chandra2, M. Kavya3, K.K. Sravanthi4. 1 Professor and HOD; Department of Radio diagnosis.