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We dont wanna tell his dad, and we also dont want to buy anything to fix it. The Messed up screw IS in the heatsink but it cant come out.

So my notebook have one screw on GPU heatsink that just won't comes out. It is highly likely that the shavings could short out many thinks inside of it. .. I don't have option bcause even laptop repair center in my city won't.

So, I was switching them out and two of them stripped instantly (after ONE . a few other methods) the screws finally stripped beyond repair and.

I've used them to get stripped screws out of engine blocks and wood. I haven't .. List anything you've done in attempt to diagnose or fix the problem. I'm about.

The temps are fine for now but i am sure over time the heatsink will start to fall away from the GPU. Is their any way to fix this? Its not the screw.