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If You Have Cervical Cancer cancer of the cervix uterus or vagina

WebMD provides an overview of cervical cancer, including causes, of a woman's uterus (womb), connecting the uterus with the vagina.

Cervical cancer is a type of cancer that occurs in the cells of the cervix — the lower part of the uterus that connects to the vagina. Various strains.

Learn about vaginal cancer symptoms and diagnosis. occurs in your vagina — the muscular tube that connects your uterus with your outer genitals. which can cause cervical, vaginal and vulvar cancers, among others.

the uterus where it connects to the upper end of the vagina; ovarian cancer Both ovarian cancer and cervical cancer can cause vaginal bleeding Cervical cancer symptoms also include increased vaginal.

Cervical cancer is cancer that starts in the cervix, the narrow opening into the uterus from the vagina. The normal “ectocervix” (the portion of the uterus extending.