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It's normal for newborn girls to bleed from their vagina during the first few days of life. WebMD tells you how to keep the area clean -- and when.

Newborn Vaginal Bleeding. Baby girls can have vaginal bleeding at any time from 2-10 days of life. This is normal and called false menses. The cause is the.

PURPOSE: Persistent unexplained vaginal discharge or bleeding in the pediatric population Child, Preschool; Female; Foreign Bodies/complications; Foreign.

Abstract. Vaginal bleeding during the neonatal period is commonly related to the withdrawal of maternal estrogens. Vaginal bleeding has also been reported in f.

The common causes of vaginal bleeding were age-related. In the neonates, 92.3 % (12/13) of vaginal bleeding was due to neonatal estrogen withdrawal. In the 2 .