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It is time for some toilet talk; vocabulary about using the toilet, and what to crude) related to words around our bodily functions: pee and poop. “Can you tell me where the restroom is? “Can you point me to the WC? potty (childish) Tags: bathroom, English, how to ask for the bathroom, lavatory, loo.

Comprehensive list of synonyms for going to the toilet, by Macmillan Dictionary and Thesaurus. dioxide from your lungs, sweat from your sweat glands, and urea from your body in urine. go. verb. spoken to go to the toilet · go to the bathroom Americaninformal to poo the process of teaching a young child to use a potty.

10 Ways You Never Knew You Were Using the Toilet Wrong In addition to your phone, here are some more things you should never keep in your bathroom. 2 / 10 Poop that exits like pee, on the other hand, could be caused by a mild case of food Here's what else your urine reveals about your health.

The proper word for bathroom or toilet in Malaysia is Tandas; a more informal Loo. WC (Water Closet). John. The Gents. Potty. Privy. Thron. Bog it would be best to use the word bathroom, restroom, washroom, or toilet. Some verbs to use are to urinate (pee or piss) or to defecate (crap, poop or shit).

Most famous, of course, is the British use of the word loo, but the god; restroom; throne; the john, potty; bathroom; commode; crapper; taking a wiz; go potty; piss like a racehorse; go see a man about a . LOL I learned to call it the W.C. or the toilet. I have always said, "I have to pee like a racehorse.