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Why medicalization? Introduction to the special issue on the medicalization of sex. sex special

Got a question about birth control (contraceptives), sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), sex during pregnancy, men's sex problems, or other sex and health issues? Emergency Contraception Emergency contraception -- also called postcoital contraception -- is a form of birth.

So much of sex and intimacy is about feeling special, so it's natural for the flame to flicker if sex becomes routine and loses the element of discovery and.

Angelos and Barry recall their time working as Intimacy Consultants on television programmes alongside the actors John Nettles, Kate O'Mara and Ian McShane.

What can you do to keep sex amazing in your marriage? Find out what he thinks.

This special issue grows out of the need to bring into focus the historical and sociocultural contextualization of sex to the sexological community. The specific.