Weird realistic-looking child robot can mimic facial expressions | Daily Mail Online - robot was designed to mimic facial expressions


A Fleshy New Humanoid Sketches You, Mimics Your Facial Expressions robot was designed to mimic facial expressions

Sophia is a talking robot that can imitate 62 human facial expressions. Robotics, headed by David Hanson, who said she was designed to.

An extremely lifelike robot has been built that can mimic human facial expressions. The robot, named Charles, is part of research to apply.

A robot named Charles that can mimic the facial expressions of humans has been created at Cambridge University. Research by the.

An eerie robot that has the face of a child can make scarily realistic facial expressions. The android was developed by researchers from Osaka.

Fascinating video of Charles robot that can mimic human emotions of computer science, who worked with Hanson Robotics to design the machine. Charles then recreates their expression, mirroring their muscular movements . people, that can mimic natural facial movements like blinking and smiling.