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Modern warfare sucks – the crisis in first-person shooter games | Games | The Guardian cod4 sucks

I have owned every other CoD game usually for my PC. But this is probably one of the worste fps games I have ever played. The multiplayer is probably fantastic, but the single player is god awful.

It announced that an intricately remastered version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare would be shipping with special editions of the game.

the last COD Game sucks to be honest it had no replay value the class system sucks think about this a new player has no chance against a.

Specialists are back which sucks, made for noobs to get easy kills so they will stay and buy microtransactions, you even get two abilities now, more gadgets in.

Saying it Sucks is a ridiculous statement. COD4 is one of the greatest games in the history of gaming.. hands down. The things you mention are.