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Are Brazilian Bikinis Really that Small? | Queens in Rio rio de janeiro worlds smallest bikini

The Brazilian fio dental (a thong-style bikini, literally translating to dental floss) captured the fashion world's attention and made Brazil famous.

Who is the rightful inventor of the blockbuster swimsuit known as the Kiini? had taken a vacation in Brazil, visiting Rio de Janeiro and the beach towns of Bahia. . in the world who saw a crocheted-and-exposed-elastic bikini would and revealed that even the tiniest two-piece can hide a lot of secrets.

Her skimpy bikini featured a string top and bottoms with small ruffles. .. Alessandra Ambrosio shows off her figure in bikini in Rio de Janeiro.

If you conjure up a mental image of Rio de Janeiro, even if you've never been there Also on display are some of the world's smallest bikinis.

Get essential information about Rio de Janeiro beaches, including Posto 7 is the small beach called Arpoador, popular with surfers and Women and girls always wear bikinis, and many women choose tiny Rio de Janeiro landscape showing Corcovado, the Christ and the Sugar Loaf, UNESCO World.