Bengals sport more than just footballs in NSFW locker-room interview - locker nude room sports


A woman’s eye view of the men’s locker room - The Globe and Mail locker nude room sports

In an area as open and slippery as a varsity sport shower room, is the around fully clothed all day, then romp around naked in a locker room.

The hockey team's locker room isn't as rancid as expected. “Guys just walk around naked, mostly,” says Arizona Republic sports columnist.

Pro tip: Never use a wide shot in a room full of nude football players. After the Cincinnati Bengals' win over the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, NFL Network anchor Albert Breer went back to the locker room for a postgame interview with cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones. The cameraperson.

So the reason reporters are in the locker room with naked men is simply because the reporters prefer it that way. Female sports teams that allow reports in the.

American professional sports teams have traditionally thrown open the doors to their locker rooms after games, but that policy has come under the microscope.