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Accident in Ballet Class Note: This story contains Female Desperation, Hu - peeing desperation story

Read I was REALLY desperate from the story My Pee Desperation Story by user3pee with 32781 reads. crack, butt, asscrack. I went to the bathroom, but I.

Read the Naughty Plane Ride from the story Desperate To Pee Stories Vol.1 by JordynLly55 (JordynB0408) with 19390 reads. copcar. Mike was on his way to.

Note: This story contains Female Desperation, Humiliation, and . Amy giggled and replied, "Wow, well, don't be like pee pants Kara over there.

This story contains omorashi/pee desperation. If this isn't your thing, dont read and don't flame. Thanks a bunch. (: A small compact car drove.

That's my Desperate Pee Story. And it's all true.. 4.4k views · View 6 Upvoters. Related Questions (More Answers Below). Have you ever been stuck in an.