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She took matters into her own hands and posted the photo herself. On Tuesday, Sia alerted fans on Twitter that a paparazzo was trying to shop a naked picture of her. To ensure that the sleazy scumbag doesn’t make any money off her invasion of privacy, Sia tweeted the photo herself.

Celebrities are usually all in when it comes to displaying their sexy of the paparazzi who somehow managed to get a hold of her nude photographs. When Sia realised that her nude pics had been leaked, she went on and.

'Watch What Happens Live' talk show host Andy Cohen knows how to ask the hard questions, and luckily comedian Seth Rogen knows how to answer them.

While these stars could simply be attempting to control (or “manage”) their own public image, it seems more likely that they just prefer to remain.

This article originally appeared on i-D UK. Honestly, being a celebrity would be the worst. Ok sure, could be kind of cool to not worry about.