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Naked Chef Meal Prep naked meal

Meal replacement shakes for people serious about health & fitness. No soy, no growth hormone and no artificial sweeteners. 20g of protein, only 1g of natural.

ON-THE-GO NUTRITION: Meal replacement shakes for people serious about health and fitness - no soy, only 1g of naturally occuring sugar and 20g of protein from grass-fed California cows, just like our best-selling Naked Whey protein powder. SUPPORTS HEALTHY DIGESTION: Our low carb.

Naked Meal is a Keto-friendly meal replacement powder that features organic ingredients, including grass-fed Whey protein from small dairy.

Naked Chef Meal Prep provides ready to eat healthy individual meals made from high quality ingredients without the use of preservatives or artificial ingredients.

NAKED NUTRITION! They asked if I'd like to work with them to develop a recipe using their product called NAKED MEAL, a meal replacement.