The queerest moments in Pokémon history - lesbian pokemon


"Wobuffet Lesbian Pokemon" by RubyRedOrca | Redbubble lesbian pokemon

are they in love?? hey nintendo are the dogs in love??? [image is a drawing of the legendary pokemon from pokemon sword and shield facing each other in a.

How I sleep at night thinking about having a little a-frame cottage in the forest by a lake surrounded by native plants and animals, a vegetable garden, cozy quilts .

Pokémon speaks to LGBTI audiences in a unique way that can help them Team Rocket are gay/lesbian solidarity and Meowth is a messy.

And that's because most of the original 150 Pokémon were queer AF. Bulbasaur is either a plant daddy or a vegan lesbian, but either way.

*Sigh* Save for Lenora and Misty, I don't remember any female Gym Leader, E4 member or Champion that is shown to be attracted to any.