Do I Need to Pee or Am I Horny? And Other Mysteries of the Female Body - girls need to piss


21 Things You Only Know If You're A Girl Who Needs To Pee All The Time girls need to piss

When nature called, I actually felt annoyed that I needed to leave my room and walk all the way down the hall to pee in a real toilet. Just peeing.

I say 'art' because I'm a girl and, therefore, cannot aim. sit on cam, and just drink water until I can't stand it any longer and need to pee myself.

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Here's me saying “I need to take a piss”. Can a woman urinate while having a penis inside her vagina? Do girls piss without taking off their panties?.

That random moment a girl stops whatever she's doing to go to the bathroom? told Shape magazinethat women can feel horny because they need to pee.