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Henry Wilfrid Brambell (22 March 1912 – 18 January 1985) was an Irish television and film Wilfred Brambell.jpg. In 1966 . "I'm not a homosexual The very.

When Wilfrid Brambell and Harry H Corbett, stars of the hit BBC sitcom Steptoe Wilfrid Brambell was gay and an alcoholic, notorious for his.

Brambell, who died in 1985, was homosexual and had a criminal record for “ persistently importuning for an immoral purpose” in a public.

Wilfred Bramble and Harry H Corbett in Steptoe And Son Credit: actor) and Wilfrid Brambell (an alcoholic, self-loathing homosexual) are.

Wilfred Brambell born 22 March 1912 (d. 1985) Wilfrid Brambell was an Irish film and television actor, born in Dublin, best known for his role in the British.