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If I play my penis on the right side of my boxers, it will becomes very uncomfortable and I'll eventually reposition it to the left side. When position.

New Japanese pants store your balls in a pouch and your penis pointing You position your penis in one slot, so it's pointing upwards and has room to MORE: People are cracking up over the typo on this pack of sausages.

If I let it hang down, it finds its way out and rubs against my leg and "wakes up! I wear saxx or mypakage underwear only. it has a special pouch just for your junk to go B. The most comfortable position. My penis generally sits horizontally.

But then I met my boyfriend, who tucks his penis up in his briefs. Perhaps this is fairly common, but it feels weird to me. I like trunks or boxer briefs, both for the.

This one. it depends on the angle of your fully erect penis. If its more upward (as in any angle above parallel to ground, put it up.).