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Sex Surrogates Seem Like Prostitutes But They Are Helping Hands, Say Therapists - ABC News sexual surrogate is prostitute

Sex surrogacy claims to be a helpful therapeutic practice that's totally different from prostitution, but I have to disagree. Partner surrogates are.

usBarbara Krakower, a sex therapist from Boca Raton, Fla., isn't hands-on when it comes to treating her patients for sexual issues, but.

After the film release of The Sessions, a true story, real-life sex surrogates are now opening up about their controversial profession.

"Sex Surrogates" Sleep With Their Clients To Help Their Sex are strict as to how sex is handled so their career isn't confused with prostitution.

The prospect of paying for sex, in the minds of most people, conjures up the idea of prostitution. However, there is another very different.