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Information and tips for breastfeeding with small breasts. Making enough breast milk, positions, feeding frequency, and when it is a problem. A baby suckling the breast of his mother. Catherine Delahaye / Getty Images.

Mother with large breasts breastfeeding her baby . breastfeeding is that they may be able to hold more breast milk than smaller breasts.

No. When it comes to breastfeeding, bigger isn't better. Breast size is irrelevant. The size of a woman's breasts is mostly determined by how much fatty tissue.

Very rarely is a mother not able to produce enough milk to nourish her baby. Mom's breasts may swell and latching may be a little difficult for a couple of days.

Mother's milk: The amazing science of breast milk. How does your body make breast milk? What exactly does it contain? And how does it affect your baby's.