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SBI Life Insurance has launched a breast self-examination awareness campaign titled ‘Thanks A Dot’, a breast cancer awareness initiative supported by the Women’s Cancer Initiative-Tata Memorial Hospital. According to the Union Health Ministry, Breast Cancer ranks as the number one.

Mammograms are a powerful tool for catching breast cancer early, but they're also, let's be honest, extremely uncomfortable. An all-female team of engineers at GE Healthcare did just that when developing their latest breast cancer screening technology. Kathleen Schindler, global.

Breast cancer awareness month is here ladies. October is a time to remember those we've lost due to breast cancer and honor breast cancer.

Regular self-breast exams are something every woman should feel your breasts are less likely to be swollen or sore due to PMS symptoms.

As part of the campaign, the brand has also introduced an easy-to-use, self- training module to detect the early signs of lump formation.