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Rino Nakasone is a Japanese dancer and choreographer. Nakasone and her dance crew, Beat Freaks, participated in the third season She joined an all- female dance group, Beat Freaks, which competed and was runner-up in America's.

The Harajuku Girls are four Japanese and Japanese American backup dancers featured in She was formerly married to Lee-J Razalan, the manager of Beat Freaks and a fellow dancer. She is the choreographer for famous Korean boy band.

her to dance and having the Beat Freaks be a part of her family. is in the front of the justin bieber music vid with the asian girl to the right.

Anna Lushchinskaya, a 40-year-old white woman, has been charged with felony assault, police say. She is seen screaming racial epithets at.

America's Best Dance Crew, Season 3 is Quest Crew. People don't recognize Asians as dancers, but you know if there was a reality show.