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The River God Peneus Surrounded by Other Divinities 71.76.15 Stock Photo: 64121733 - Alamy asian peneus

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The next morning we went to the convent of St. Demetrius on the fide of the hill over Claritza; This place is about two leagues from the river Peneus, which rises .

They made excursions to the mountains Pelion and Ossa, from whose summit they could clearly distinguish how the Peneus forced its way through the rocks.

The road follows the course of the Peneus as far as Baba, which is at the entrance of the vale of Tempe. Baba may perhaps have been the ancient Gonnus .

The Peneus here occupies the whole of the valley, from side to side ; with the exception only of the narrow pass afforded by the old paved causeway of the.