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Identifying Different Types of Ivory sperm whale ivory

The sperm whale has 18 to 26 teeth on each side of its lower jaw teeth is the preferred method for determining a whale's age.

Ivory is a hard, white material from the tusks (traditionally elephants') and teeth of animals, that Additionally, warthog tusks, and teeth from sperm whales, orcas and hippos can also be scrimshawed or superficially carved, thus retaining their.

The sailors cut out scenes on the surface of sperm whale teeth, often just penetrating the cement. Sperm whale ivory cannot be carved too deeply, as the.

We have a small quantity of nice quality natural pre 1972 vintage teeth and pieces, purchased from the estate of the Kenneth Fujioka the 1950's era shop.

We are interested in Mammoth tusks, Hippo teeth, Antique documented Pre-ban elephant tusks, as well as Sperm whale teeth. We do not purchase carved ivory.