- hairy vetch and wheat and haylage


hairy vetch and wheat and haylage

Hairy Vetch is a good cover crop choice where spring haylage or silage. HAIRY makes a great cover crop following winter wheat harvest in mid-summer .

PDF | In order to determine an optimum ratio of vetch and wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) 2005 – spring 2009) aimed at the yield and quality of winter vetch haylage. especially common vetch (Vicia sativa L.) (Georgieva et al., 2016) and hairy.

Only rye, wheat, barley, triticale and red clover will reliably overwinter in Hairy vetch is a common cover crop that is not recommended as livestock forage. Buckwheat should not be fed to horses as pasture, hay or haylage.

Hairy Vetch “VNS”. Forage/Cover Crop Tech Cover crop, grazing, haylage, baleage. Establishment Harvest later than wheat. Maximum vetch kill when crop.

wheat biennial legume – hairy vetch, sweet clover. Uses – very limited fall grazing, spring pasture, hay or haylage, followed by a second forage/cover crop.