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FAQs on Plumbing in Pond Construction adjustable bottom drain standpipe

a collecting area on the inside of the pond, from which the water drains and into of the bottom of the outlet structure low enough to ensure complete drainage of the . In some cases, you can also use a stand-pipe, which can be adjusted or.

Aqua Art page describes bottom drains, retrodrains for garden ponds. 1 1/2" ported adjustable dome mini bottom drain. O 2" ported (Standpipe not included ).

Amazon.com: EasyPro - 4" Heavy Duty Bottom Drain with Air Diffuser air flow through diffuser is.5 - 1.5 cfm; Threaded center stand pipe securely attaches dome . The bottom drain is adjustable meaning you can twist it clockwise or counter.

Surber (1933, 1936) developed the self-cleaning center standpipe (Fig. 3) and recommended creating an adjustable gap between the bottom of the outer pipe.

The drain may be used with a 2" inside center stand pipe with 4" pipe around it; or a 3" Bolts on to the outside bottom of the tank for unobstructed drainage. Two sizes available: 4"x3" and 3"x2"; Water level adjusts from outside of tank.