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After all I could not recall the last time I'd been spanked. I found myself unable to stop my reduction to a child, rather than the young adult I considered myself The November woodshed was not especially warm and I paced.

Spanking, spanking stories, spanking articles, erotic discipline and Being taken to the woodshed is another part of spanking Americana that.

Full text of "The Adult Spanking and Discipline Handbook" So, dressing up for play time can definitely help you shed your normal selves for a while.

uses the term Wood Shed, but that means where ever a spanking is given. In this case Our_Need_And_Desire · Adult-Women-Spanked.

fought and struggled, of course, but they were no match for the much-stronger adult. My friends had just been drug back to their room to get a spanking. . I' ve witnessed a friend get spanked before. I never shed a tear.