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Strep throat is a bacterial infection that can make your throat feel sore and scratchy. If untreated, strep throat can cause complications, such as kidney inflammation or rheumatic fever. If you or your child has signs or symptoms of strep throat, see your doctor for prompt testing.

Bacteria Cause Strep Throat; How You Get Strep Throat; Pain and Fever without a Cough Are Common Signs and Symptoms; Children and Certain Adults Are at .

You look at the symptoms. What Are the Symptoms of Strep Throat? in children and young adults, is the bacteria that creates strep throat.

Strep throat in adults. Strep throat is more common in children than in adults. Parents of school-aged children are more likely to become.

Today on the Scope, we're talking about strep throat: the symptoms is suggesting maybe even in adults, it may shorten the symptoms by a bit.