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Adult onset seizures: Clinical, etiological, and radiological profile seizures developed in young adults

Adult onset seizures were most prevalent in the young and middle-aged adults than elderly; generalized seizures were more common than focal seizures.

Epilepsy may develop in adults for a number of reasons. Most other patients presenting with epilepsy in adult life will have a form of partial epilepsy. This may be .. injury in children and young adults: a population-based cohort study.

The period following a seizure is called the postictal state. During this time, you may be confused and tired, and you may develop a throbbing.

How many people have epilepsy and seizures? Epilepsy and seizures can develop in any person at any age. Epilepsy is more common in young children and.

Did you know that epilepsy is more likely to develop in older adults? Seizures can be easy to miss. Learn how to recognize the signs and how you can help.