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Feeding adult dogs puppy food | Dog Food Advisor puppy food for adult dog

Hello we just added the newest pup to our house. My question is it ok to feed all my dogs puppy chow? My 14-year-old has.

We have been feeding our Malamute puppies Orijen puppy food. They are now 2 years old and my husband feels the puppy food is still good.

When asking if your puppy can eat adult dog food, keep in mind that puppies and adult dogs have different nutritional needs. Learn what to look for in a dog.

Is it unhealthy for an adult dog to eat puppy food?? Our country vet, Dr. Rob Sharp of Hillsboro, Ohio, answers your pet questions.

This article will discuss the major differences between the adult dog food and puppy food so you can provide your pup with the best nutrition.