- mom spanked me for fun


mom spanked me for fun

My mother and father were very strict and spanked me until I got married when I was 21. There were quite a few incidents I could discuss but I will talk about one.

There's a big difference between being spanked and being beaten. My mom used wooden spoon, belt, and when she came at me with a 2x4.

when my mom spanked me she made me take my pants and underwear all the started laughing and mom said: you think his penis is funny? well you should.

My mom would yell at me when I was not doing what I was supposed to. If you were beaten or spanked by your parents as a kid, do you now have the urge to .. leg and hit me and hit me and I remember him screaming at me “IS THIS FUN ?.

One features a drawing of a thrashing, screaming kid sprawled across the lap of an adult who is spanking him. The caption reads: My parents spanked me as a.