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For adults 19 years of age and older, the deltoid muscle in Influenza vaccines are not highly viscous, so a fine-gauge who weigh less than 130 pounds (less than 60 kg).

Some vaccines are only approved for adults. For example, the recombinant influenza vaccine (RIV) is approved for people aged 18 years and older, and the .

Jan 10, 2019 Is an adult who weighs 175 pounds obese? That's the low end of obesity for an average-height woman (5'4”). The threshold is around 205.

Administering Vaccines to Adults: Dose, Route, Site Needle Length. Female or male less than 130 lbs Influenza, inactivated (IIV) and recombinant (RIV).

Oct 1, 2019 Here's everything you need to know about this year's flu vaccine, than half of American adults remain unprotected from the flu each season;.