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The Adult Blood Lead Epidemiology and Surveillance program was created to adults with elevated blood lead levels (BLL) due to work-related lead exposure. OSHA used ABLES program data to identify industries where.

Reference Blood Lead Levels (BLLs) for Adults in the U. S.. 50-60 μg/dL: OSHA's Medical Removal BLL - The OSHA Lead Standards.

The first phase required removal of employees having blood lead levels at or above 80 In fact, average adult blood lead levels are less than 20 ug/100 m1.

ABLES currently has 41 states participating in the collection of elevated blood lead levels in adults. This program identifies industries and occupations where.

Epidemiological and experimental studies indicate that chronic exposure resulting in blood lead levels (BLL) as low as 10 µg/dL in adults are associated with.