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West German Shepherds, trained German Shepherds for sale. Zwinger Von Himmel German Shepherd pups and adults for sale.

Red Rock K9's Fully Trained Adult German Shepherds have hundreds of training hours and have been fully acclimated to home life, riding in.

Harrison K-9®* European German Shepherds are trained to exact specifications at our facility in the United States. Only then do they qualify to be called a.

Von der Haus Gill German Shepherds is a Police Dog, K-9, training facility located in Ohio. Our German Shepherd dogs can and are trained for all aspects of Police work such as We have had 862 puppies and over 3000 adult dogs.

Fleischerheim German Shepherds has quality German Shepherd Schutlzhund Trained Family Protection Dogs for over 55 Years-World Class GSDs are Here!.