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You use to be close with Severus Snape and Lucius Malfoy as children and much of your young adult life, this is just a random fanfic that I will be writing this will.

How could a muggle like Tobias Snape abuse Eileen and Severus Snape when they were wizards who could have hexed him to oblivion? Do you think Remus Lupin was telling the truth when he said Severus Snape never lost an opportunity to curse James Potter during their 7th year?.

Severus Snape. She used to brew potions with him and fight the marauders when they would bully him. The last time she saw him was at.

This is a folder for Snape only. Especially for his years after he left the school, became a Death Eater and later professor of Hogwarts. It must be your own style, .

the lights of his mind. severus snape x reader. plot: the truest light is the light we share. word count: 1107. cautions: a little 'bundle' of light {bump}; mention of.