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About half of all gliomas in adults are glioblastomas. . Magnetic resonance images of a pontine glioma with anatomical fiber tracking.

In this review, we review the literature on adult brainstem gliomas, while acknowledging the problems that we encountered in extracting.

Brainstem gliomas are not nearly as common in adults as they are in Eur J Cancer (2010) 46(18):3271–9. doi:10.1016/j.ejca.2010.06.115.

Brainstem gliomas are uncommon in adults and account for only 1%–2% of intracranial gliomas Marianne Labussiere et al., Oncologist, 2010.

Indeed, brainstem gliomas represent only 1% of adult HGGs . Atlas, the Verhaak2010 proneural group, as well as being associated with.