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Regulations prohibiting blood donation by individuals with seizures or people who have epilepsy and seizures are prohibited from donating blood. Adolescent; Adult; Aged; Anticonvulsants/adverse effects; Anticonvulsants/ therapeutic use; Blood Donors/legislation & jurisprudence*; Epilepsy/blood*; Female; Humans.

Generally patients with epilepsy will not be accepted as blood donors by blood We believe that the rare convulsion during blood donation is not an epileptic seizure, but in fact an emotive syncope. Adult; Aged; Blood Donors*/ psychology; Chile; Czechoslovakia; Epilepsy/blood*; Humans; International Cooperation.

Aw man, this SUCKS!! I was all set to go donate blood with my husband at lunch. I even didn't take a lunch break so I could have a full hour to do what I needed.

Under supervision of CEBaP, Alyssa Kellens (General Practitioner in training) conducted a masterthesis to answer this question. Blood.

review group in the fields of human physiology, pathology and clinical medicine. blood donor base, i.e. individuals with a history of epileptic seizures; men who an adult or older child (12 years of age or more), the plasma concentration.