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A coaster brake is really your only option for foot-operated braking, and most complete bikes sold with coaster brakes have the coaster as the.

Using a front brake meant that I could use the coaster brake to slow down, but then bring the bike to stop with the front brake, allowing me to.

We are often asked by parents whether they should be looking for a pedal bike with hand brakes or a coaster brake. Onto the real question: Should I buy a bike with a coaster brake or a freewheel hub? Coaster Brake: a brake on the hub of rear wheel; braking is applied by rotating.

Do you find yourself struggling to choose between a women's or men's cruiser bike with hand brakes and one with coaster brakes? Or do you.

One speed, no cables, no levers, no nonsense - just you, the bike, and the road. Featuring a hands-free coaster brake for easy stops.